Saturday, 16 November 2013


A very pious, hard working and cooperative person, who always meet people by paying Salam and say JazakAllah even if he earn a little amount of money, who is he? Can you guess is he a shopkeeper only, who is satisfied with his income at all or everything is a piece of cake for him? No, he is basically a 32 year old handicap guy Muhammad Ali, who apart of doing Bachelor in Mass communication also does a part-time job at Karachi University to bear his expenses.

Basically, Mr Ali is among those persons who are somehow disabled in their life but nothing can stop them to achieve their goals and despite of physical impairment, they made their life lightened with the mental strength and personal intuition. “To live a felicitous and especially prestigious life is the main essence of my struggle”, he stated.

On asking the question about the cause of disability he said, “Due to the attack of Polio in childhood my legs were paralysed and this makes me dependent on a wheelchair for throughout my life.”He added, “But I don’t depend on others for any kind of financial aid as my Prestige is more important than my life. Also I don’t compromise on my self-respect and for me it is better to die instead pan handling in front of others,”

Telling about his family background, he told “When I was only 15 years old my parent had passed away. However, I have 2 siblings who are spliced and live in Lahore. While, from last 6 years, I have been living in the Staff Club with my Aunt, who is like my Mother.”

He further said, “The source of my income is this small stall (stationary) which I place near the Silver Jubilee gate from 8 am to 2 pm. Initially, I started on a small-scale i.e. from Rs. 400 only. But now it is somehow extended and today I have stuff of Rs 20,000 to 25,000. I feel glad that now by the grace of Allah I am able to buy a three-wheeler bike from my earning.”

While, talking about his academic achievements, he said “I have done my metric and inter privately, then I enrolled in 2012 evening program at the department of International relation and after completing my one year in that department I transferred to the Department of Mass communication BS 2nd year and still I am a studying in the BS 2nd year. ”

He also praised the behaviour of Karachi University staff in these words, “The members of the University always cooperate with me and basically they are like my family members. In addition, students considered me as their elder brother and take suggestion from me on their academic matters.”

Apart from the praise, he also expressed his views on the lack of facilities provided by the KU to disabled students, “It’s very sad that in such a big University there are no ramps or separate transport facility available for us. But, I have decided that InshaAllah in my department I will make an inclined plane in front of the Department as for riding a wheelchair. Also, I personally talked to the Chairman of my Department Dr Tahir Masood in this regard who also agreed with me and InshaAllah in the near future you will see it.”

Telling about his future ambition he proclaimed, “InshaAllah after doing my Ph.D in Mass communication I will apply for a scholarship to go abroad for studies. So, I will achieve my passion with patience. While, the personality which inspire me the most is scientist Stephen Hawking, who is also disabled like me but never let his disabilities to come in his path of glory.”

Moreover, he gave golden advice for the upcoming generation, “Every human, whether disabled or not should works hard on their hidden abilities and don’t go for a short cut. Also, always put your trust in Allah, as Disappointment, hopelessness should not daunt us if Allah helps you.”

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