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“Don’t let anyone steal your dreams. Follow your heart, no matter what.”

Mehwish Zulfiqar – Owner of MehwiLicious

Though, these days life is full of sadness and the world gets darker by the minute,  but still there are people who believe in pursuing their dreams and fill sweetness in other lives, entrepreneur Mehwish Zulfiqar and her shop are a good example of this. “To fill Sweetness in Everyone's Life is the main mission of my struggle”, said Mehwish Zulfiqar.

Basically, after earning her honors degree in Mass Communication from Jinnah University for Women, she landed in an entrepreneurial career in the year 2011. As she always believed "To be your own boss is better than to work under a boss." Therefore, she herself started an online page named MehwiLicious on Facebook, where she takes orders and supple cakes/cupcakes on demand.

Telling about how she landed in an entrepreneurial career, she said “I am baking cakes for about 4 years, then I started to take more and more interest, visited other pages, read blogs and watched tutorials, all the stuff fascinated me." She further said,  "My family backed me to start this 'You’re so good baker you should start your own business'. I took this seriously and one day I made my page.

Furthermore, she told that the total start-up investment of her business was around Rs.20, 000, which she got from her family and from her saving also. “Recently, I took 5-2 orders per week as I can't handle more than that right now,” she said. And for her Facebook is the main marketing tool, moreover, she also uses Twitter and Pinterest as well and definitely word of mouth works best.

And on her page she catered cakes for numerous events such as birthday parties, Wedding Anniversaries, Graduations, Birthdays, Eid, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day and Other Miscellaneous Event. While, people mostly come to know about her page through Facebook, clients, family and friends and once they come to her page than the creamy, light and delightful cakes makes everyone's jaw drop and they can't help ordering it.

Chocolate Fudge Cake---MehwiLicious
Sports Car and angry birds’ special.
Everything is edible.
On answering the question about why did she opt this field, as she is a Mass communication degree holder, she said “I think it is hidden talent that one’s should aware of, so I studied mass communication and eventually found my hidden talent. Both are related to creativity side. So I chose baking.”

As she is running her own business and are solely responsible for each and everything i.e. Profit loss, likes and dislikes therefore she takes great care from quality of the cake to its presentation. As she said, “There are many people who are doing this business and also a lot of good bakeries do offer such kind of stuff but it’s about taste, creativity which has to click the clients.”

Apart from it she also faces challenges as an entrepreneur, as she said “People think baking is as easy as cooking or other stuff, therefore sometimes they ask to make me things less than my cost price which really makes me upset. So, People should need to realize that it is an art and it takes hours to make with lots of expensive ingredients and tools.”

Moreover, she gave golden advice to all entrepreneurs who have just landed in this field, "Never compromise on the quality. How much different you are in your field you are successful. Baking is all about being creative, imaginative and it is the taste which eventually has to be perfect and matters."

After all,  it’s rightly said that Successful people don't do great things, they only do small things in a great way. Basically, they commit to take personal responsibility for their success and set high goals and do whatever it takes to achieve them. Now, I just hope that someone will learn a new way of life after reading it... :)

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